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An online community for people who have gone through or are going through long term illness and want to share their experiences, expectations, treatment options.

STORIES -'Progress!!!' 
Raise your hands in the air and praise the Lord!!! By Lara Cookey

I drove a car!
I dropped my husband at the airport!
I unpicked some of the braids on my head!
My arms did not ache or flop down!
I did thirty minutes nonstop on the treadmill!
And Balanced on a semi circular rubber log without falling off!
I sat through an entire church service!
And I was able to sing and clap and dance at praise worship!
Not each thing individually, but together!
I spoke at a function and was still able to eat, and swallow my food!
I wore my pretty silver slippers for the first time!
My toes actually grip well enough to do that now!
My writing is steadier and I can write for longer without fatigue!
The excruciating pain in my muscles has subsided!
But painful leg cramps still persist some nights :t(
I am training to do a sponsored walk with others,
To highlight the plight of the disabled,
There are so many disabled people who look like me,
And live with several physical challenges,
But the way that I have been delivered of many of mine,
Is certainly worthy of praise to our God!

Blessed indeed!
20 Feb 2010
Accra, Ghana

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