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An online community for people who have gone through or are going through long term illness and want to share their experiences, expectations, treatment options.

STORIES -'My Testimony' 
-Lara's Story, Inspired by Rick Warren's Interview

Three Christmases ago when my sister and brother-in-law, stopped over in Accra with us, I was sharing with them my chosen focus to seek my purpose. But what I meant really was that I chose to seek God's purpose in the scary health challenges I faced.

I read Rick Warren's BBC interview in which he shared some insights about his wife's illness, that my brother sent me, and I can confirm his findings to be absolutely true. He has articulated so many discoveries that I have made myself.

If I were to convert to cash how many well meaning suggestions/comments that I have received asking me to pray for healing or seek it in a particular place or manner, I would be very wealthy indeed. For, if it were my confessions over myself, my prayers for healing over the last 25 years, the people who have been praying for me, pastors, friends, family, I should have never faced all that I had.

I came to realise that God can glorify himself even in a failing physical body and sometimes the thing to pray for apart from healing is 'grace to endure'. I realise that whilst my challenges were extreme, every single person has some issue or other that is overwhelming and beyond their capacity to handle without some 'extra' intervention of some sort. This is what God allows to build our faith and character so as to make us strong, just like a workout to keep good fitness and muscle tone.

In the midst of enduring all manner of challenges from breathing problems that took me to the emergency room for resuscitation many times, to double and blurred vision, red inflamed eyes that hurt as bad as several needles stabbing my eyes at once, coupled with excruciating pain from the smallest ray of light, not to talk of difficulties with swallowing, chewing,talking, sitting up and walking.

I sometimes could not lift my hands to brush my own teeth, and as you know, have needed wheelchair assistance at the airport for some time now. The catalogue of challenges is long and have spanned virtually all my life, flaring up at different times and increasing to proportions that severely affected my mobility in the last five years. Indeed I had to shut down my business for about three years.

Through all this, I went through the whole gamut of emotions from anger to indignation, frustration, sadness and depression, all intensified by getting no answers from the various doctors I visited in 5 different countries! Everywhere, tests returned nothing significant. Besides the asthma issues which have been known since I was four years old, almost every doctor indicated their belief that it was all in my mind and alluded to mental health issues.

After a time, I began to believe them and the stress and fear of needless demise coupled with rapidly declining capability in carrying out basic tasks, drove me to panic at times.

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