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STORIES -'Surgery made things worse' 
Mr. G recounts


1. Up to Oct 2004
a. Generally healthy, strong and active. No disease symptoms from motor accident at age 10, and from a dislocated left elbow from a fall at age 55.

2. Nov 2004 – Disease symptoms
a. Heat sensations in both feet, climbed through both legs, thighs into the genital/lumber region.
b. Faltering steps, feet dragging, heaviness in leg and thigh muscles, weakness in both knees.
c. Heaviness in muscles of both arms
d. Rigidity in spinal cord, difficulty in turning sideways
e. Numbness in both feet and in right palm/fingers
f. Skin effect, cold water felt as iced water, warm water felt as boiling water
g. Loss of body balance, tending to fall backward
h. Struggled to lift up head from bed (one occasion)

3. Medical Treatment
a. X-ray, MRI & CT Scan Diagnosed spondylosis on the cervical C1-C7 and also at lumber L1-L4
b. Nov 2004 – Medication Medication unable to arrest disease symptoms.
c. 2005- Chiropractic therapy A course of chiropractic therapy could only re-align the spinal cord.
d. 13 December 2005 - Surgery (laminectomy) on cervical C1-C7

i. Quick recovery from surgery
ii. 24th December 2005, discharged from hospital with a zimmer frame, unable without support:

1. To lift up body from a sitting position
2. To maintain body in a standing posture
3. To take a step and walk

e. Up to August 2009 – residual disease symptoms without medication and physiotherapy

i. Unable to lift up body, maintain body in a standing posture, take steps without support from a zimmer frame.
ii. Chronic constipation, with toilet once in two weeks
iii. Skin effect, reducing gradually
iv. Sweats at the back and from the armpits, but reducing gradually
v. Heat sensations persists in the legs and in the feet, but reducing in thighs and in genital/lumber region
vi. Heaviness persists in leg and thigh muscles
vii. Numbness persists in feet and in palms
viii. Slight swelling in feet, from sitting posture
ix. Loss of body balance, body tends to tip backwards
x. Neuropathic pains are felt at the right lumber thighs region with long sitting, and also in legs and in thighs
xi. Nerve waves occasionally and spontaneously run in some parts of the body, and vibrate the legs.



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