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STORIES -'A Daughter's Resilience' 
-Dawn’s Story [told by her mum]

By the grace of God, with hard work, motivation, determination and family support, Dawn was walking with a walker by March 2008. By April 2008, she was walking with a cane. By May 2008, Dawn was walking without assistance. On the 2nd of June of 2008, Dawn complained of blurred vision, nausea and she seem to be off balanced. On June 5, 2008 she was seen by her Primary care physician who wanted her to see an optometrist. In the process of making the referral , Dawn went completely blind in her right eye. I took her to the ER and she was referred to see an optometrist for the next day. Upon examination, nothing could be seen wrong with the eye itself. After seeing a third optometrist and ophthalmologists , The Ophthalmologists called Dawn’s Neurologist and told him he needed to see her immediately. After the visit with her Neurologist, Dawn was hospitalized for two days for further examination.

On June 8, 2008, Dawn was hospitalized due to having what appeared to be a severe seizure. After she was released, she continued going to out-patient physical and occupational therapy to improve strength and endurance. Because the doctors could not tell Dawn or the family what was wrong, the family wanted to be seen at the Mayo Clinic, but we were told that Dawn’s Doctor had to refer her. Several times the family requested a referral to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Dawn’s Doctor did not think she needed a referral. It took six months before we were given a referral to the Mayo Clinic. However, by that time, she was paralyzed again and is now in a wheelchair. It was implied that had she been seen at the Mayo Clinic she would not have had the second episode. She would have been properly treated and most likely walking.

Approximately on or about August 23, 2008, Dawn complained of weakness, nausea and she also lost her appetite. After speaking to her doctors, it was determined she was tired from the increase in physical therapy. She was given a prescription to enhance her appetite. However, by the 26th of August 2008, Dawn was completely paralyzed from the chest down. Late August or early in September 2008, Dawn was diagnosed with a rare disease called Devic’s Disease. My daughter is one of my heroes. I can count on one hand the days she felt anxious or depressed. She has been very positive using humor to help cope with her disease.


Please make sure to check with your Doctor, Neurologist before making any medical decision. This information is information I found during my research of Devic's Disease. This disease has been known about in Europe since the 1800"s and was thought to be an Asiatic Disease. However, I have since learned this disease is also common in Africa as well as Asia.



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