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An online community for people who have gone through or are going through long term illness and want to share their experiences, expectations, treatment options.

Our stories:

When no one knows what's happening
NYA's Story
Miss black-t-shirt and sweat pants
Carri's Story
The World's Forgotten Boy
S.L.'s Story
A Sister's Concern
J's Story
When Doctors Are No Help
Taras Shklyar's Story
Sunshine and Flowers
Wendy's Story
Where Doctors End... And God Begins!
Peter's Story
I am One of 1000 Faces of Lupus
Naana's Story
The Gift of Shared Pain -Evan's Story as told by Wendy
Evan's Story as told by Wendy
It was the HIV Meds
Keith's Story as told by Tim
Notes on being wheel chair bound at the airport
Lara's Story
A Daughter's Resilience
Dawn's Story
Surgery Made Things Worse
Mr. G Recount
My Daughter has Devic's Disease
A Mother wants more Information
My Testimony
Lara's Story, Inspired by Rick Warren's Interview
Progress -Raise your hands in the air and praise the Lord!!!
By Lara Cookey
You Could Say Ouch - By Wendy
By Wendy
Definition of a Miracle
Farida's Interview on Network Africa
The Battle is On
By Lara
Blog Physio-I am not hip anymore
By Lara
A Son's Determination
By Iris Anie-Annan (opens in blog)
Rachit's Experience
By Rachit Shah (opens in PDF file)

If you want to share your story, please email sharecare4u@gmail.com. We'll read through your story and put it up here soon. Thanks!

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