Without my ‘pacifier’

It was strange that Air Maroc asked me to check my rollator in with my luggage. It happened when I was leaving Heathrow and again when leaving Casablanca, so I don’t know if that’s an airport rule… They said since I had hand luggage with breakables, the rollator could not go as additional hand luggage. Granted they were taking me round in a wheelchair, but I’d still have wanted the rollator with me just in case I needed to get up.
Well, when I got it back in Accra, one bolt had fallen off obviously because it had been tossed about in the luggage hold, or elsewhere. I wasn’t amused.
Oh, and for those of you who have been hinting that I could get a lighter, more modern model, I have had old faithful repaired and it’s serving me very well again…

1 thought on “Without my ‘pacifier’

  1. lol oo is that what happened? aaaaa i wish … u had gone 4 a lighter one lol u kno im one of them . anywayz glad u got hme safely hpe u had a gud trip

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