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Totally uninspired

February 26th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I really admire those who can write and write and write. I am not one of those. Maybe it’s becauseof the years I spent as a radio journalist – if I can use four words instead of ten, I’ll go for four. And that’s the way I talk too.
I guess what I’m going on about is, I have no ideas today, but I still thought I should write something.
If I have nothing to update you on, then that’s good, right? Nothing untoward happening, didn’t go anywhere, just relaxed at home with a book. Please don’t even ask what I’m reading, just an hour after putting the book down, I don’t remember its’ title and I don’t believe it’s because my brain is addled.
Enjoy your day, y’all.

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  • 1 steviel // Feb 27, 2007 at 3:00 am

    hey, even women of power have to chill sometimes
    you’re not on a daily deadline beautiful
    just think of it like gardening
    kick back with some herb and know things will grow

    oh yeah you did do somthing today boss lady
    you sorted me out with a g-mail addy that spelt
    my bloody name right [grin]

    oh for me today i was drinking with ‘Airborne Ollie’
    [bless him] and we where blasting out ‘blackest parade’ by my chermical romance

    google ‘limewire’ free download site search for track mentioned above

    sending you light

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