Thoughts on the dangers of and solutions to ‘unwitting effects’

Pre amble:
Romans 12:2 says Be no longer conformed to the patterns of this world but be you transformed by the renewal of your mind

My thoughts:
What are ‘unwitting effects’ and where are they from?
These are unspoken under currents of disquiet that insidiously take over the freedoms we could be enjoying.
They stem from an inherent knowledge of unaddressed issues, and the subtle psychological tensions these set up in the mind. They stem from habits and ways of thinking.
Unexpressed anger, resentment and regret, join together as a potent force that can create deep rooted depression.
They could be the result of action or inaction but more often it is inaction.
We could self perpetrate vicious cycles by adhering to old patterns, taking too long to take action, having many plans and never really implementing them.
They could be a symptom of paradigm paralysis, and or analysis paralysis.
They start with small daily habits, attitudes of mind and the extents to which options are sought and explored. These limit God in a sense, for:
He has given us the ability to ‘know what he has freely given us’.
He has given us the ‘ability to know the truth that will set us free’
He said,
‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’ and again, we stumble sometimes because we fail to ask.
Asking the right questions is absolutely critical to ‘Knowing’.
Knowledge equips us for actions we need to take to… ‘break through’
Breaking through, can be another word for ‘miracle’

Dear Lord my God, I release my breakthroughs and miracles now. I yield my habits, thoughts and actions to you Father God. Through the promptings of the Holy spirit, I choose new ways of thinking in the spirit of Romans 12:2 and develop a spirit in me that recognises ways in which I hinder myself and set up ‘unwitting effects.’ Let your illuminating light so shine in me, that your miraculous work is self evident. Let the blood of Jesus speak greater things than the blood sacrifices of my ancestors. I am released this day from any inherited, ‘unwitting effects’.
So shall I walk in freedom of heart, mind, psyche and spirit.

Romans 12:2 says Be no longer conformed to the patterns of this world but be you transformed by the renewal of your mind

Lara Cookey
21 July 2009


By Lara
I went to the edge of the abyss,
To gaze at all the stuff that had fallen away from me.
Where, all things that I wished for, had fallen into.
Where, they had fallen in, and plummeted down.
Their journey continues.
They are still hurtling on their way, to, I know not where.
There is yet more that will fall away.
Abyss, labyrinth, tortuous paths.
Stretching far away to unseen depths.
I have turned around.
Turned the back of my head,
To the abysmal abyss.
I have set my gaze on something else.
Full stop, no shifting, no changing.
My gaze is on something new!