RIP Little John

We need to intensify education in Ghana on neurological disorders and their management.

We ‘discovered’ Little John a child with cerebral palsy last year and linked his father with Dorcas Foundation. Thanks to the foundation, he gained the source of an independent income which was to free him to give his son the necessary therapies. But the condition was badly managed. This case is in court so we cannot comment…

Farewell Little John. Your smile is still on the Sharecare flyer. Rest in perfect peace.

3 thoughts on “RIP Little John

  1. This is very sad news indeed and this makes me ever more resolved to do whatever I can to assist these kids. Thanks to Sharecare for help rendered little John. His smiling face on our flier was probably the highest dignity this young life got in his 3 short years.

  2. Timely support is truly a factor in steering many families out of the hopeless zone. Well done to the organization and let’s remember there are lots more Little Johns out there.

  3. Too true… We will put up the pictures of other Sharecare children soon. Sharecare aims at giving them physiotherapy, speech therapy and education ten of them independent.

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