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I’m a 53-year-old Ghanaian woman, a journalist, and have been living with a neurological condition since 1996. I’m married with two adult daughters.
Many people think it was  a brilliant idea to start Sharecare Ghana and this website, but one person asked whether I don’t feel despondent because I can’t really do anything about others’ ailments (or my own, really).

My reply is that sometimes it’s good to know what other people have gone through; to know that people with maybe worse conditions than yours have survived and also to learn from one another how to adopt a more positive attitude. I hope even healthy people will contribute ideas to this website to give us moral support.
Please send me an email if you want to start a topic. And also check out the main website: Share Care For You

Many years have passed since I wrote this post and Sharecare Ghana has  grown in ways I didn’t expect. We have also had our share of tragedy: in 2010 we lost Naa Torshie Sai and John Atta-Senya Jnr and in February 2011 Yvonne Nkansa also passed away.  Including children, we count eleven losses…
It is difficult to remain positive in the face of this , but I think it should spur us on to carry out research into these debilitating conditions and to  push for more attention to be given by health authorities (the state) to what they see as rare conditions, but which we know from experience are not so rare! This should be seen as a public health issue.
Nana Yaa

21 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’ve had this nagging flu for over a week which ended me up in A&E yesterday morning. I’m back home with due medication, feeling much better but very sorry for myself and browsing the internet when I came across your site. You can imagine how pathetic I feel.
    I know you will go from strength to strength and have much more laughter in your home. I like your approach on food too. I eat too much of the wrong stuff but will power oh will power. God Bless

  2. Nani, you are an inspiration!! After all these years not knowing the hard things you have had to endure.. I only thank God that He was able to carry you through the darkest valleys. Hats off to my “hero” also… he knows what true “Awarieh” means. God bless him and keep you both always.
    To be continued…

  3. Nana Yaa, thank u 4 being such an inspiration & a blessing. You’ve really made a difference in my life & i hope others are also blessed. Thanks & God bless u 4 sharing & caring so much.

  4. hiya Nana Yaa

    just lighting you some candles and thanking you for being [i know this word is over used] but truely inspirational.

    i d ve never thought that you were in your 40s judging by your photo’s though

    um’ could i ask ‘lai what ‘Awarieh’ means, i m not meaning to be rude here its just i ve never heard of it.

    may everyone dwell in the light that is love always

  5. carri,

    “Awarieh” means the institution of marriage: ‘Till death us do part… thru sickness and health… Sacrificial love… love, service, submission…

    Nani has found that in her marriage, and we thank God for that.
    To be continued…

  6. hiya ‘Lai

    thanks for the clarification i thought it would be somthing spiritual as Nana’s a very spiritual woman.
    Its brilliant that there are people who still have proper marrages that are solid as in uk the divorce rate is crazy.
    Will light some candles for you ‘Lai when i go into church this morning
    bless you personally
    bless everyone generally

  7. hi ‘Lai

    please don’t take this the wrong way as its being written with both the breatests respect for nana and yourself but i m not sure what ‘sacrificial love’ or ‘submission’ means.
    i love someone deeply but i would never ever dream of thinking of her as being subserviant to me.
    if i ve missed the point of what you are saying my total apologies
    will light you some inscence for good fortune
    but love is a sharing of strengths rather than a power relationship

  8. stevie,
    this someone you love, will you lay your life for her/him? would you consider yielding your rights for his/her good? no power trip here, is there. also, no need to light anything for me…
    to be continued…

  9. hiya Lai’

    Well i d definately lay down beside her and of course protect her to the very hilt*.

    No offence but that bit about ‘laying down my life for her’ is a bit of the baffler as surely it d be more effective in a defensive scenario to keep bagging the clips in the Ingram M11 and shooting for their blue flashes but obviously not remaining static
    oh hang on where was I?
    Oh yeah just phoned her and asked if she wanted me to ‘lay my life down’ for her and she was like
    ‘Dinae be soft love’

    Oh shes just read your post and honestly no offense at all meant from either of us but we honestly don t get the ‘yielding your rights ‘ bit.

    But i’ve told her that i’ll completely yield to her if she wears this tuquoise orchid i ve bought her with this new ribbon for her hair which is also turquoise both of which match the night gown i ve just got her as well.

    Oh hang on shes just phoned me to say that shes just looked up yield and she reckons that ‘yielders are jessies’
    Dos nt yielding imply giving up? Or have we got different cross cultural definitions here?.

    oh we ll light you some nag champa inscence and some candles…

  10. May the light of love eternal shine upon you ‘Lai

    But i want my lover as a warm body into me/kissing me/chatting to me on phone/sending me emails.

    the very last thing ever i d want for him is for him to have to either


    Your question’s just seemed the polar opposite to what being with someone means-

    I don t want my man to lay his life down for me i want him cuddling next to me and kissing the nape of my neck and kissing down my spine

    Maybe i’m a low risk femme but theres seriously no need for my Fellow to lay his life down for me as
    A] i d much prefer him to massage me with Taijade rice wine.
    B] I earned my first dan black belt in tae kwon do at the age of 14 but have trained with Gung Fu Fu forms since i was 7.
    So when i m spoon cuddled around him he’s in fact sharing ‘chi/ki/qi’ with me.
    C]Why do you think a partnership involves giving things up?.

    Please don’t think of me as being unfriendly ‘Lai and if i ve missed the point completely please tell me so.

    But being with someone is about growth not loss – gain not restriction

    may the light that is love eternal bless you forever

  11. There is hope in every ‘disappointment’. Your type of ailment takes time to come back to normal. With hope and positive attitude, the afflicted certainly will regain the normal self. There is the case of a popular footballer in the country. He is back on his feet and has even set up an Academy to train young footballers. Nil desperadum for all those with this neurological condition. Positive thinking like what you have done is the answer. I like to see more of the photos – the progression!! Kofi

  12. I pat you on the back, and I join the teaming number of well wishers to say get on with the good work you are doing.

    In moments like this, one should pause and reflect this life that we are living. It’s best to be humble.

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