AARDA Announces Launch of NEW Online Patient Forum


AARDA on April 9, 2009 launched its NEW online patient forum. The forum is designed for autoimmune patients and their families to share questions, concerns, and experiences with one another.

AARDA staff will monitor this online community that allows patients and their families to discuss their autoimmune issues.

Remember that the greatest resource of the forum is YOU. Your story, experience, and techniques for coping can help others with autoimmune diseases. Many categories allow for a great depth of information to be shared, including sections such as:

  • Helping Hands – Targeted to autoimmune patient caregivers and family members – discuss your problems, issues, and concerns.
  • Share Your Story – Allow others to hear your autoimmune disease story.
  • Doctor – Patient Relationships – Discuss problems, issues and concerns about your medical provider.
  • Autoimmune Diseases – Discuss news and research regarding autoimmune diseases or gain more information about individual diseases.
  • Coping with Autoimmunity – Do you have a special coping technique that you could share with others? Post it here.
  • General – Use this simply to share and chat with other autoimmune disease patients

AARDA hopes that this forum will be a source of information and will grow to become a community of autoimmune patients whose shared experiences can help to enrich lives and enhance coping for those with autoimmune diseases.

Begin sharing in this new community created just for you! Join today. Share your wisdom and experiences. http://www.aarda.org/forum2/. You can also locate the forum from the top navigation bar at www.aarda.org

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