A Tribute to Mr. Gad

We try to find purpose at every stage of our life. For us at Sharecare Ghana, Mr. Joseph Gadagbui’s purpose was to organize us as an organization. Popularly called Mr. Gad, he guided and directed us, and we relied on him in every aspect of our work. As an association of persons with autoimmune and neurological conditions as well as families and caregivers, we gave mutual support and companionship, and we know he treasured this.

Mr. Gad was Company Secretary for Sharecare Ghana, but did much more than perform that role. He was our father and counselor; he chaired our support group meetings; he visited ailing members; he wrote our letters and guided our administration… and we did not have the opportunity to say thank you.

When he told us at our support group meeting in July that he had numbness in his shoulder and had been to see the physiotherapist, we thought it was the usual aches and pains of living with a neurological condition. We did not suspect that that was his way of saying farewell.

The news that Mr. Gad had passed on, shocked all of us. Everyone had something to say: Who is going to fight for my daughter; Who will ensure we get the District Assembly Common Fund; Who will follow up on the letter to the Director-General of Ghana Health Service; Who will put pressure on Parliament to include our conditions in the National Health Insurance Scheme…

Mr. Gad, you will be sorely missed by your Sharecare family, especially for your sense of humour.

Farewell and rest in peace, till we meet again.