A Sons Determination – My story

By Iris Anie-Annan

On the 29th August, 1999 , I gave birth to my first son .  The father and I were so happy. A few days later when I sent him to St Luke’s Clinic, he was diagnosed with Jaundice.

My nightmare began. We were transferred to 37 Military Hospital. For two weeks we stayed at the Hospital till we were discharged.  The jaundice had been severe and he was diagnosed as having mild cerebral palsy. What a blow it was ! The Doctor suggested early physiotherapy at the age of eleven months.


By the age of two years, Kwasi was walking but not really well. By three he began speaking but not clearly. My mentor Mrs. Lydia Bedwei (Farida’s mum) asked me to let him attend a normal school. You bet I did. For 10 years it was constant physiotherapy at 37, three times a week. I am grateful to his father GYEBI for that determination and support.

Something wonderful about Kwasi was his determination and persistence.  I prayed to God to help Kwasi and to give me strength and energy to help him . For five years, I fed him and bathed him. He was quite shaky in his movements and had quite a bit of spasm. He fell constantly anytime he attempted running but he always got up with a smile and would say “ I ‘m aweright (alright)”.

In between there were  checks with Dr. Badoe as well.


He began to improve as he joined regular school. He did not think his disability to do things right was an issue. He had confidence and he reassured me it would be well. And well it was.

I lost my second son at two months but the third one survived. His name is Kojo and he has been of tremendous help to his older brother.  He is able to dress himself, take a bath and even feed himself. He is able to express himself well and can share a problem he has with you.


It had not been easy with him in a regular school but I believe the Lord heard my prayer many years ago and gave me that energy and confidence.  I pushed the teachers at his school to understand and accommodate him. I also told him that he could do it and he is doing it. It was not easy for the teachers to deal with a child of his caliber but I encouraged them and urged them on. It’s easier now he is in year 6. He is able to defend himself and know right from wrong.


His ability to communicate his thoughts to paper has been his challenge. He stores information and remembers date like a computer but the School has been most helpful in his written examination. He does extremely well in ICT, History and Geography and Languages sometimes.  He gets easily frustrated when things do not go the way he wants but he understands when it is explained to him.

Sometimes he could be clumsy in handling items and not very precise when wearing shirts with buttons and tying laces .


Kwasi is an intelligent 13 year old young man whom I am terribly proud of. He is in his final year grade 6. He is determined and very keen on sports especially football. His speech could be better but you will not believe that Kwasi can run up and down the stairs unaided. He thinks very clearly and reasons quite well even above some of his peers. He asks intelligent question and has a strange premonition of events to occur.  He is respectful and a thoughtful child. I  am doing all I can to make sure he gets a good education and I am so hopeful that he is going to be a GREAT person one day.

To God be the glory for giving me a son like KWASI.

My promise to GOD is to encourage parents who have given up.  I have  and will not give up because KWASI has proven to me he can do it.