Day out at Mephibosheth

By Joycelyn Oklu, Intern

Mephbosheth Training Center is a school that supports children with special needs. It is located in Ankamu near Apam junction in the Central Region of Ghana.

As part of annual activities of the center, students from the University of Southern California visit the school every first week in March to deliver week long services (such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, assessment, counseling, as well as provision of assistive devices) forchildren, parents and the general public.

Sharecare members visited the center on 9th March 2012, with twelve Sharecare children, their parents and a psychologist.

The children were assessed and treated based on their individual needs. The services provided to them included physiotherapy and speech therapy.

De-Lawrence Lamptey, clinical psychologist also assessed the children and at the same time counselled the parents, asking them to care for and accept their children`s situation.

At the end, eight of the children were given special shoes to be used to correct deformities and straighten their legs and feet, one was given a walker and one was offered admission into the school.

The visit was a joyous and successful one. The parents’ commitment and children’s comportment was excellent and everyone was grateful.