Fearfully and wonderfully made – reflections on Psalm 139:13&14

By Lara

Distractions as an agenda, that is what I call the long list of health issues that I have lived through.
Distractions. They appear to impede the progress of my life, but I know that this is not so. In fact, there is a purpose to these enforced detours. This is my conclusion since I was not party to how God put me together; the particular combinations that make up my DNA, nor have I been privy to my set of life’s issues. I have been brought here to be trained up by them since most of these things have been arranged without my contribution, I assume they are part of God’s plan to bring about inspirational change. I know that saying debilitating health challenges are for building up character, is counter intuitive, but God does not work in ways that we do.
My further assumption is that He is working on me to build strong faith by keeping my eyes focussed on him. My own strength could never have measured up to face them. I have been able to endure only because I have looked beyond myself to my maker for sustenance and strength.

I sincerely believe God was not mistaken in how he put me together. He knew exactly what he was doing when he ‘knit me together in my mother’s womb’. He knew exactly who my parents would be and he said he made me ‘fearfully and wonderfully’. He also knew who my siblings, husband, children and relatives would be, and added to that formidable force of supporters, a veritable army of friends and well wishers. The combined prayers of these who have been carefully and fearfully scripted into my life, are a testimony to the magnitude of heavenly power.
So mine is to praise Him from my in most being, and continue to live out the purpose of my life. At a minimum, our purpose is to praise Him as is demonstrated in this scripture I stumbled on Isaiah 43:21 ‘This people I have formed for Myself;
They shall declare my praise.’

With every hindrance, my determination to bring praise to God’s name becomes stronger . I become more and more able to trust in the God of all grace, and what He is able to do through me.
Then there is the role that fear plays. God said ‘fearing’ Him is the beginning of wisdom. From this I deduce that there are God intended ways in which fear is to be utilised. Sometimes I am aware that ¬†fear can be used to leverage the release of possibilities that are beyond myself. Mostly fear makes me ‘afraid.’ Yes, in the natural, but beyond that, it is a trigger. Fear draws my attention to an opportunity to shift paradigms, by seeking an opposite or other alternative instead. Such transformation, allows me to transcend my human instincts and apprehend something else. Something deeper, and definitely beyond myself. Something which I think is God himself. A very simple expression of His love, in allowing me this privilege.

So, to read about being fearfully and wonderfully made as written by the psalmist, brings to focus this immeasurable love of God in Christ Jesus. This love that says… I care so much about my creation, I have taken great care in putting it together. On this I depend, regardless of what has happened.

Lara Cookey
21 Jan 2012