Super Optimism And Coping With Chronic Illness

By Lara Cookey
One of the basic coping strategies with living with chronic debilitating illness is the psychological well-being of the sufferer. After medications have been administered, lifestyle changes sought and support given by friends and family, there is a need to reach deep within. There is a need to tap into whatever shred of optimism or positivity you have and find ways and means to multiply it exponentially. For this will be the difference between living a life, and merely existing.
In my personal experience, nothing has ever dehumanised me as finding myself with physical incapacity and needing assistance from others. Nothing has made me feel more humiliated  than being forced by my disabilities, to adopt a strange and often abnormally slow gait as I struggled to move from one place to the other. There is no faster way of knowing what the sum total of humanity with all its foibles and vanity really is.

However, rising above the base level of this is the only way to ensure longevity. Choosing to live, and literally focussing on living joyfully ‘in spite’ of disability is crucial to survival.
Some call it super optimism , what ever it is called, this is what I needed and finding it has given me great freedoms.