Caregivers handbook launched

We launched our handbook for caregivers at the School of Social Work at Osu, in Accra last Saturday. The report below was in The Mail of Tuesday November 30 2010.

Ms. Anna Bossman and Mr. Okaikoi launching the handbook

Ms. Anna Bossman and Mr. Okaikoi launching the handbook

The Deputy Commissioner of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) Ms. Anna Bossman has called on the state to take adequate care of the vulnerable in society just as it would ordinarily do for the fit and hearty.

Speaking at the launch of Sharecare Ghana’s Handbook for Caregivers over the weekend in Accra, she said the 1992 Constitution enjoins the state to ensure that in taking care of the entire population, the upkeep and security of the vulnerable is not relegated to the background as that will amount to the state shirking its responsibilities and duties.

“It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that the people who make up the country are well catered for or in good standing to take care of their daily lives.

“It is unfortunate that, in carrying out this responsibility, the state tends to forget about the very vulnerable and visibly weak and fragile in society,” she said.

In launching the 10-page brief but concise handbook, Ms. Bossman called on caregivers to show respect, compassion and empathy to their patients and was optimistic that the document will go a long way to help make their work a lot easier and exciting.

Ms. Farida Bedwei, a member of Sharecare Ghana advised caregivers to be observing of the mood swings of their patients to know how to deal with them at all times.

In a moving and touching conclusion she asked patients on the other hand, not “to bite the hands that feed them”, adding that they must reverse the same love and empathy a caregiver shows them.

The handbook was funded by the Ghana Federation for the Disabled and DANIDA and the launch by ABANTU for Development. It was chaired by Mr. Andrew Okaikoi, Chairman of the National Council on Persons with Disability.

Coordinated by Nana Yaa Agyeman, Sharecare Ghana is an association of people with autoimmune and neurological diseases, their families, friends, and the professionals taking care of them.

It has over the years, spearheaded many initiatives on disability including collaboration with the Noguchi Institute of Medical Research into autoimmune diseases.

From NCPD to Naa Adjeley

Sharecare has presented a wheelchair to 13 year old Naa Adjeley – a donation from the Chairman of the National Council of Persons with Disability Andrew Okai Koi.

Naa Adjeley was not born with a disability, but according to her mother, got jaundiced at an early age and has since been unable to walk or talk. She has not received any medical help since then and has not had any education.

Naa Adjeley with her Mom and Nana Yaa

Naa Adjeley with her Mom and Nana Yaa