And now Morocco


My UK trip was really useful and fruitful. The doctor who very kindly saw me without charging a penny, said I definitely have Devic’s Disease or Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) and there is no need for an NMO-IgG test. He said though this antibody is specific for NMO and related disorders, the test (now available in Oxford as well as Mayo Lab) is not particularly sensitive and can be negative in up to 30-40% of patients. He also treats his patients with Azathioprine, but would recommend a higher dose than what I’m on, because any relapse can bring further disability. NMO is a relapsing condition similar to MS, but in NMO the lesions appear on the spine, and the optic nerves are often affected, but not the brain.

I also saw a very interesting neuro-physiotherapist who showed me how to improve my gait and balance. I could feel the difference immediately after the session with her. She has a theory about eye movement and how it helps us keep our balance.

I attended a meeting of the UK Support Group of the Transverse Myelitis Association which was really interesting and gave me some pointers as to how to orgainise the Ghana group when I get back home.

Then of course I did the fun things like shopping, visiting friends and family, London Eye…

And now I’m in sunny Morocco where tourism is their number one resource. I’m really looking forward to the adventure I intend to have here.