Snippets from the UK

I haven’t posted anything for a while…
I am in the UK and have been meeting several disabled people who are an inspiration to me. Disability isn’t holding them back; they are getting on with their lives.
Of course in this country things are made very convenient – transportation for disabled people and access to buildings etc. are ensured. There is also no discrimination in jobs for example, so long as you can do whatever task. Those implementing the Disability Law in Ghana could learn a lot from what is in place here.
The only downer on my coming here was having to wait about one hour at the arrivals because the person who met me with a wheelchair was also assisting a young boy who was joining his parents. The immigration officer insisted we should wait while he interviewed the boy because he needed to be accompanied. It went on and on and eventually I decided the walk would be preferable to sitting through an interview that had nothing to do with me getting stiff after sitting so long in the plane.
I have been told by a doctor here that I have Neuromyelitis Optica (Devic’s Disease), not MS. I get to see him next week and will keep you posted.
Meanwhile, the weather here has been most unwelcoming – rainy and grey! But I guess after the unbearable heat I left in Ghana, I should be grateful.


Sandy from the Transverse Myelitis Association and Gayle from the Devic’s Syndrome and NMO Support Group, are truly remarkable people.
Ghanaians like to put their gratitude to people on record…
So my heartfelt thanks go to the two of you.