Disability Act

I’ve just read the Disability Act which was passed in Ghana in August last year. I expect we’ll be playing some role in pushing for its implementation.
First thing I noticed was that owners of public buildings have been given TEN YEARS within which to make their buildings accessible to all. That means I might be 56 before I can get into certain places… and it will be within the law.
What do you think about that?
Let’s also hear from you about how the law works in other countries.

Water is life, but is your water safe for drinking?

I was reading on the watercure website how important water is in the cure of every disease and told a friend today that it’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But you have to be sure of the quality of the water you are drinking.
When I got sick in 1996, a friend asked me whether I’d had our water tested and I just ignored him.
Last year, after reading a book by Dr. Jan deVries I decided to test the water coming out of our taps. First I called the water company and asked what process the water goes through before it gets to me. I was given a list of chemcals, among them aluminium sulphate because the water (from the weija Dam) is cloudy and has to be made clear. You may have heard about a possible link between aluminium poisoning and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and MS.
So I sent samples to a lab for testing. The results stated clearly, ‘the water from your tap is not fit for human consumption’. It contained faecal matter!!! We immediately had to invest in an expensive uv water purifier to make it safe to drink.
I have neither the money nor the energy to take the water company on, so I’ll just go on talking about it till someone with a conscience does something about it.

Blood group and diet

I read a new one yesterday – a brochure on eating right for your blood type.
The information does get confusing… In this brochure, with my blood type AB, I’m supposed to avoid chicken (among others). Other diets like Roger MacDougall’s and the Best Bet Diet allow me skinless chicken breast. So what do I do?

Sensuality and disability

I expect lots of comments here though it’s a complex subject for many people.
This post was suggested by Cari and I think it’s something that needs to be talked about. Well, here I go…
My aunt went along with me for my first review in Ghana in late 1997. When the doctor finished his tests, she blurted out, “what about her sexuality?” I was pretty mortified and thought that was something I could have asked myself, if I’d wanted to.
The doctor, of the old school, dismissed her question, saying “we can worry about that later”.
With hindsight, it was a relevant question, though I say again, I should have asked it myself. How does your partner cope after seeing you go through spasms, loss of bladder and colon control, pain, weakness… all the symptoms of long term illness?
Not very well obviously. Your partner either develops an imaginary bubble around him/herself to cut off the anxiety, like mine has done, or there is a complete break down in the relationship.
I guess what I’m saying is that there is a real need for counselling in relationships that have gone through such traumas. Where such services are lacking, like in this part of the world (someone correct me if I”m wrong), we kind of muddle through, doing the best we can, not really tackling the issue, and I guess praying that it’ll be all right in the long run.
Hope I’ve made sense. Like I said it’s a difficult topic. Thanks Cari.


Ghana at 50
It was a wonderful celebration. Started with a parade of the Ghana Armed Forces and school children and a unit from the Scots Guards regiment, which thrilled us with pipes and drums. Then there were street parties throughout the country, everyone wearing the red, gold, green and black of the Ghana flag; a smile on everyone’s face.
In the evening there were musical concerts featuring renowned local musicians. A good time was had by all, as you can tell from the pic above.
Ok, I wore my Ghana@50 T shirt and saw it all on telly… Still enjoyed it though

Alternative medicine

I’m sure everyone will have something to say about this.
I use a Chinese acupressure mat, which helps my circulation, I think. My naturopath is also a radionics practitioner. I know it’s to do with broadcasting frequencies to your body, but don’t ask me how it works. And the diet is an important part of his treatment. I’ll let you know soon what I can eat this month as it changes from time to time. Oh, I also do light yoga exercises.
What alternative medicine are you all trying out; and what the results?
This topic was suggested by steviel.