Power cuts

What it’s hard to be optimistic about is the power cuts we have one evening every five days. Those are the scheduled ones because the water level of our hydroelectric dam has gone low. The unscheduled ones leave me speechless.
What can one do you do with candlelight or dim battery powered lamps? I can’t even attempt to read, can’t use the beloved computer, don’t even feel like a telephone conversation… Any suggestions?

Count your blessings

After seeing an MSer sitting on his heels unsupported in a pic the other day, I told him to count his blessings and described how I get on and off the floor. I place one hand on the bed, lower myself and land on my bum – and I mean land.
Getting up, i roll myself onto both knees, place one foot (the right which is stronger) on the floor, put my hands on the bed and heave myself up. And I had to learn to do this!
So we need to count our blessings. Mine are in the ability to go down and come up, which I couldn’t do before, and others for taking it for granted. You want to sit on the floor, you sit, you want to get up, you get up. ‘
There’s a lot to be thankful for.

Totally uninspired

I really admire those who can write and write and write. I am not one of those. Maybe it’s becauseof the years I spent as a radio journalist – if I can use four words instead of ten, I’ll go for four. And that’s the way I talk too.
I guess what I’m going on about is, I have no ideas today, but I still thought I should write something.
If I have nothing to update you on, then that’s good, right? Nothing untoward happening, didn’t go anywhere, just relaxed at home with a book. Please don’t even ask what I’m reading, just an hour after putting the book down, I don’t remember its’ title and I don’t believe it’s because my brain is addled.
Enjoy your day, y’all.

Strength from adversity

It’s amazing how people find strength in their moments of pain.
I went to a book launch yesterday. The author suffered the ultimate loss; she lost her only child in 2004 and her grief has found expression in a book of seven short stories. The remarkable thing is, the stories are touching, but not gloomy. She said she hopes others who have gone through what she went through, will find comfort in her book, ”Scattered Trees of the Savanna”.
Selma, you are an inspiration.

TM lecture

I went to a introductory lecture on transcendental meditation yesterday, which was very interesting. They told us the benefits for overall health, the mind and also the society at large. The lecturer, a South African, told us of an area in South Africa where the crime rate had gone down by getting the youth to practise TM.
We had a really lively discussion, asked lots of questions and I was convinced about the benefits for MS.
But do I want to pay to learn how to meditate properly? I’m still thinking about it because the very next day I see an ad from a different group offering free sessions.
With these things, sometimes you just don’t know what to go for.

The vibrations

My friend Dona would tell us about her cousins’ English grandfather who they would find sitting in a room alone listening to classical music with tears streaming down his face. When they asked him why he was crying, he would reply, “the vibrations”.
My vibrations are internal, and they do not reduce me to tears. The doctor says it’s called paresthesias – it’s to do with abnormal nerve sensations. When they started, I would ask whoever I was with if they could see me shaking, or if we were in a parked car, I’d ask if the engine was still on… until I realized only I could feel them.
Probably because of “the vibrations”, I usually wake up with a tune on my mind. This morning it was Stevie Wonder’s ‘I just called to say I love you’. Don’t ask me why, it’s probably just a generational thing; if I was younger it would be some hip-hop tune – that is if they can be called tunes. I thought back to the time when I couldn’t feel anything at all, and thanked God for my “vibrations”.
I hear there are two emotions felt by MSers (people with MS), they are either always depressed or feel elated or positive all the time. If a positive feeling is a symptom of my illness, well, it’s something I don’t quite mind.
Maybe one of these days, I’ll wake up with my own composition and become famous…
So with Dona on my mind today, I’d like those of you who are praying people (or is it prayerful?) to join me in saying one for her. She has been battling illness for a long time.
Thank you.

It came to me much later, “why Stevie Wonder?” I’ve made a new friend called Stevie and have been corresponding the past two days; that must have brought on the song. Here’s to you too, Stevie.

The test I couldn’t get

For us in the developing world, getting diagnostic tests from some developed countries is made impossible.
I found out from the website of Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML) in Minnesota in the US that they have a definitive test for diagnosing Devic’s Disease. I wrote to them and they kindly sent me the detailed procedure and forms for getting my blood sample to them.
Since they said I could ship it by courier, I contacted both Fedex and DHL but they both said they are not permitted to transport blood samples to the US. They said the only samples they accept are from the US embassy here for DNA testing.
Obviously, MML has been receiving samples by this method from other parts of the world; otherwise they would have said straightaway that it’s not done.
So I’m still not sure whether I have Devic’s or Multiple Sclerosis, when this test would have ruled out one, to make my life easier.


Isn’t the internet wonderful? I didn’t quite know what to do with myself when I realised I couldn’t get back into editing yet. But this website has given me a sense of purpose. I may not update it everyday, but knowing that I can, gives me a very warm feeling.
I have discovered soooo many websites that are similar to mine. It’s good to know that many people feel the same way about sharing their trials. I love being part of this world wide family.

A good day

Feeling pretty good today. Some days are better than others. I woke up feeling pretty upbeat.
Someone told me today that I shouldn’t lose any more weight, but with this diet I don’t have much control. Maybe the naturopath will ease up a little.
I miss bacon and eggs, roasted lamb, fried rice and shredded beef with green pepper, freshly baked bread, still warm with butter… Oh, I’m spoiling my happy feeling. I’m having roasted plantain for supper. Well, doesn’t taste bad.